Avrille is the late King of Aiud Kingdom, and the father of the current Princess, Prishtina. He is dead as of the start of the series.

Appearance Edit

Like his daughter, Avrille had orange hair and green/blue heterochromatic eyes. He was seen wearing official clothing, a long-sleeved long yellow coat in combination with dark pants held by a blue belt. A fur-coat and a red and black sash were draped over his shoulders. Sometimes, he also wore a chain of mana crystals.

Personality Edit

Avrille seems to have been a kind parent, remembered fondly by his daughter. He appears to have been a nice and easy-going person in general, sometimes even sneaking cookies to his daughter, despite Ajaccio's disapproval.

Skills and Abilities Edit

During his life, he was called the greatest magician of his time, and was powerful enough to summon a rain of mana crystals. As a descendant of the First King of Aiud he was also under the Blessing of Protection granted by Aqueleia.

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