The Beginning

Prishtina remembers Labin's words about the fairy that might hold Aquileia's diaries and concludes that it could be Lacoruna.

She spots the little fairy running around looking for Mima and asks her about the diaries. Lacoruna is indeed in possession of them. The fairy lends Prishtina the diaries, dropping them from a mysterious space, in the castle library.

Just when Prishtina is about to begin to look through them, Ajaccio appears, informing her that duke Izmir will arrive in the castle soon, effectively ruining her mood.

Meanwhile, Mima is on a stroll and still has Labin on his shoulders, telling the Sage about his new friends. He continues talking although Labin wants him to shut up, resulting in the other magician using violet vine-like magic to restrain him. Caught in Labin's magic, Mima pleads him to not do this, since the Sage has only little mana left. Labin is angry at him, saying that he's thinking how he could bury Mima with what little mana he still has in him.

Labin continues with questioning Mima's motives in trying to help the Princess, and confirms that the magician is only playing around with Prishtina, since he could give her the magic any time. He rebukes Mima for fooling around, stating that this is not a funny situation for the people involved. The Princess is in real danger because she cannot use magic. Labin urges Mima to realize that this is "not a fairy tale".

Mima, however, just smirks at Labin's words and begins to sing a song instead while using his own magic to dissolve the vines, leaving the Sage in a resigned mood.

"The show begins.

Now, everyone, climb up to the stage.

Once the song begins to flow, nobody can climb back down anymore.

Your story, your story.

It's the beginning of your story.

However— The center is always me.

This is the beginning."

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Mima tells Labin that it's useless to bury him and is more concerned for Labin's health than his own.
  • It can be assumed that Prishtina managed to stay alive despite her circumstances due to the barrier around the castle, which restricts entry.