Prishtina is back in her study, recalling some of the song's lyrics. She concludes that the magician mentioned in the song was the first king of Aiud. The inscription on the throne also has 48 letters, just as the letters mentioned in the song.

Ajaccio appears when she is still mulling over it, and she asks him if Lacoruna is still in the castle, because she cannot remember all of the lyrics. However, her uncle remembers them word-for-word and recites them for her.


The princess thinks to herself that the inscription on the throne is definitely related to the death of the First King. But she does not understand the meaning of the line "How could you, who killed Death itself, die oh so soon?". While she wonders what kind of person the First King was, Ajaccio speaks up, saying that there are no records about the founder of the kingdom at all. He asks her why she is looking for information on him.

Elsewhere outside, Mima is chased by Lacoruna who still wants to make friends with him. Eventually, he teleports away, hiding in a tree from the little fairy. She calls for him, but then goes silent, sits down and starts crying because she thinks that the magician hates her. Seeing her cry, Mima feels bad and returns to her, offering her candy and to go on a walk with her.

They wander about the castle grouds while holding hands, and Lacoruna asks Mima why he hates her, still with tears in her eyes. The magician answers that he does not hate her, but that he can't be friends with her because he lives in a dark and cursed forest where she cannot visit him anyway. When she asks why he lives in a forest like that, he answers that it just happened. Lacoruna still likes him, however, and starts crying again, lamenting that she has no one else. Mima lets out a resigned sigh and asks her what she can give him in return for his friendship. The young fairy offers her unconditional support, to always stay by his side, until the day he returns to Mother Nature. Smiling, Mima agrees to be her friend.

Later in the castle, Lacoruna asks Ajaccio for a pen, declining the offer of a new notebook as well. She happily writes a diary entry: "I finally made a friend.", added by a crude drawing of her and Mima.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Mima only declined Lacoruna's friendship so strongly in the last episodes because the Forest, his home, is too dangerous for a young fairy.
  • Lacoruna tried so hard to become friends with Mima because he is the only one she met so far who would not be hurt by her power.