A Sage, a Princess, and...

Prishtina meets the Sage on the castle grounds, and gets to know his name: Labin. She slides him a paper with the throne inscription, and he can read it, identifying the letters as those of ancient magicians. The princess tells him about her progress so far, and also that she must find the meaning due to a deal with the perfect magician.

Labin falls silent for a moment, before agreeing to tell her one piece of information: That the knowledge she seeks is kept by the fairies who love to write diary. Since the diaries are passed down to fairies that are alike, she should look for a fairy that is similar to Aquileia, the friend of the first king. She would have similar traits, be very strong, and lack friends do to this. While Labin speaks, scenes of Lacoruna searching the castle for Mima can be seen.

Right after his explanation, Labin gets up, intending to leave immediately. When Prishtina begs him to share more of his wisdom, he retorts that he is not the kind of magician to be swayed by greed. Labin turns to leave, only to face Mima who is floating in the air, looking down on him with a smile. Mima obviously recognizes the boy.

Just moments later, Mima has an unhappy Labin placed on top of his shoulders, while reprimanding Prishtina for "cheating" by calling upon the Sage. Labin interrupts their argument, addressing the princess with a serious expression. He gives her his best wisdom: That Mima is worthless, that she should chase away and banish him instantly. Prishtina wonders if he means that Mima is not perfect, but gets corrected by the Sage. Mima is a perfect magician indeed, but his personality is trash. Meanwhile, Mima only happily hears that he is perfect. He gives in and allows the princess to use Labin's advice. However, he declares to keep Labin from now on and runs off with him, asking him if he has been well and is still sick, annoying the Sage.

Prishtina watches them go and is joined by Ajaccio. She asks him what he thinks about the relationship between Mima and the Sage. His answer is that they seem to be friends.

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  • Labin probably tried to leave in a hurry to avoid Mima.