1-8 fairy

The characteristics of the fairy race are slightly pointed ears and eyes with a bright pupil. It is a race of exclusively females.

They are regarded as proud, powerful entities; A single fairy is supposedly stronger than a hundred magicians. Very strong fairies leak mana that can be harmful to other weaker beings, even other fairies.

Fairies love to write diaries and also compose songs of important events. Their diaries are handed down to younger fairies who resemble them in looks, character and power.

After their death they enter "Mother Nature's rest". Aquileia is said to have dissolved into sea foam upon her death.

They can also leave behind curses when they die, as in the Forest.

List of fairies: Edit


  • Fairies seem to be connected to elements. For example, Aquileia dissolved into sea foam and the sea south of Aiud Kingdom was named after her.