Mima calls himself "The Perfect Magician" and lives in the Forest on the border of Aiud Kingdom. The name Mima is more like an alias given to him by others, most likely a nickname composed of the first two characters of "crazy (미친)" and "magician (마법사)" in korean.


He is described as a handsome young man with black hair and a yellow right eye and a blue left eye, but is also said to occasionally take on the appearance of a kid.

Mima has vertically slit eyes, but no character ever comments on this.

When Ajaccio first meets him, he is dressed in simple clothes, a red shirt and black pants, that reminded of a "farm boy" outfit. However, he changes into a "magician" outfit, a white shirt with a long red bow, red collar and cuffs. He never wears shoes.

Later on he summons a black cane with a blue orb and a black cape with golden symbols of the sun and the moon.


Mima has a very playful and childish personality, he likes ot tease people. Especially Prishtina, who he calls "ugly princess". But he can also be very stubborn. He doesn't like to do things that do not interest him or are "bothersome" and always wants something in return for a favor asked from him. Ways to coerce him into doing a task are either food or provocation/doubting his skills.

He is also weak against seeing someone crying.

At times, it is not sure how much of this is an act and what his true intentions are. More than once he is seen with a mysterious smile, or making a surprisingly knowing comment.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mima's types of magic manifest as black and golden flares. The black magic is connected to "space", since he uses it to teleport. When he takes Prishtina for a float, both types of magic are activated, as well as when he changes clothes.

He can defeat a fairy, said to be stronger than 100 magicians, single-handedly.

Mima can create mana crystals, which Prishtina thinks to be the magic of the Edirne royal family.

Physically, he doesn't seem to be especially strong or fast - When chased by Lacoruna, he tired easily and was almost caught by her.



Before leaving the Forest to help Prishtina, his existence as the "Perfect Magician" was not widely known. Only a group of individuals that call themselves "Travelers who seek the Truth" disclosed information about Mima after Ajaccio payed a hefty sum of mana crytals.

Season 1Edit


  • Mima knows the meaning of the First King's oath written on the throne. This implies that he knows about events from 1300 years ago and also that he can read the ancient letters.