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This is not a fairy tale.

What starts as the seemingly light-hearted story of a mysterious magician offering a princess
his help in obtaining magic slowly but surely spirals towards suffering, regrets and misery.
In the midst of it all stands Mima, an existence defying common sense with powers
beyond that of magicians and fairies.
Who is he, really?

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Characters - Season 1

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Mima of the Forest

Author: Hooeun
Artist: Hooeun
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Tradegy, Romance
Official site (Korean) (status: ongoing)
Hooeun's Blog (Korean)

"An unprecedented strange magician who calls himself The Perfect Magician! This is the story of this free-spirited magician." (Naver)


This webtoon is being translated as a side project by Babo Kim Scans via the Overlay system.

The original is currently in Season 3, while the full translations are still in Season 1.

Mima is currently not translated by Line Webtoons.

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