Prishtina is the Princess of Aiud Kingdom and only heir to the throne. Her coronation is nearing, but the nobles are doubting her right to become Queen because she does not show any talent as magician. When she learns that Mima is able to make her a magician, she is determined to do everything it takes to obtain magic and become a worthy ruler.


Prishtina is a young woman with long, orange hair and heterochromatic eyes (green/blue). She is often seen wearing a yellow dress with wide sleeves and blue-green mana crystal accessory (hair decoration, neclace, wristband). She has two rings on her hands: a golden one on her left hand, a silver one on her right hand.


She is a very proud woman who doesn't like to ask for help. The responsibility for the well-being of the kingdom rests heavy on her shoulders, as well as the fact that the ruler must be a magician. She puts up a front of confidence, but gets easily flustered and angry. Deep inside, she has severe self-doubts.

Skills and AbilitesEdit

She has no magic skills whatsoever, but is under the Blessing of Protection granted to all descendants of the First King and the castle by the fairy Aquileia.

History Edit

Season 1:

Her father, the late king, died at the age of 35, when she had just turned 12. Nothing is known about her mother.


  • Her rings could be communication devices, since they were shown when she thought about contacting Duke Izmir.